1970 Born in Hiroshima After graduation from high school, she started photography, learning it on her own, while she was in the institute of design.
1994 Spent 4 years on the creative process as an assistant of Hiroshi Nonami, a photographer. She was inspired by his original perspective and his intense attitude toward his work. Thus, she was determined to be a photographer.
1998 Founded ZOTPHOTO.
2005 "ROAD PICTURE ONE" First exhibition of the landscapes of Paris and London.
2006 Published her first collection, "THE VEINS" and at the same time she had exhibitions in Osaka and Tokyo. This collection was sold not only in Japan but also in Paris and London and created sensation.
2008 By the request from Hirokazu Moriguchi, a contemporary artist, she photographed "Karada ni Kizamareta Kioku (Memories Curved in the Body)". She confronted with Moriguchi's naked body as a statue through the lens and experienced the confrontation and the harmony of the souls. This is when she broke her new ground.
During the same time period, she heard of the existence of a traveling circus troupe "RASPOSO" in France from her acquaintance, a Japanese dancer active in Europe, and she was shocked as if stricken by the thunder by their world. So she went to France. For three months, she traveled with the troupe on tour and documented not only the stage performances but also what was going on in backstage and the member's every day lives. After coming back to Japan, She photographed the documentations of creative works, stage performances and portraits of artists of various genres.
2009 Visited France again and continued photographing of RASPOSO. Having spent life with them for several months, she physically experienced the creative process outpoured from the deep love of the family and their daily lives.
2010 Published the collection "RASPOSO" and opened her exhibition in Osaka at the same time.
2012 Went to France for the third time. She also participated a group exhibition "Mancy's Art Nights", and had two exhibitions of "RASPOSO" simultaneously; one at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore and the other at IOSSELLIANI in
2013 2014 Went to France.She also participated a group exhibition「Solo Six」. She shows a work to a Web Journal of " THREE " 「 A Sence of Scent 」 She also participated a group exhibition「ROOMS 30」. 「AOSANDO ART FAIR」
2016 She shows a work to a Web and publicity of " AOYAMA FLOWER MARKET " 「 THE FLOWER 」
2017 2018 2019 Went to France continued photographing of RASPOSO「LA DEVOREE」「ORAISON」
2020 Published the collection "MARIE MOLLIENS RASPOSO " IN FRANCE .
2022 Republished the collection "MARIE MOLLIENS RASPOSO " IN FRANCE .
2023 Went to France continued photographing of RASPOSO「BALESTRA」「LA DEVOREE」「CIRQUE DU NOEL 」
Currently she photographs travels and landscapes and people as her lifework while she does photographic works for advertisements and magazines.

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